Old works

I took out something from my old works. All works, except the last 4-10 years old, were performed before my two-year break to work with 3d max, so please do not judge strictly.

-The study of visualization of interiors.

-Free work on the theme of "Nature".

-Modeling of furniture.

-esign and modeling of furniture for furniture factory.

-The design and visualization of interiors.


Free operation. Study of modeling and visualization exteriors.


Editing and video processing:

-The first acquaintance with the animation, I think even max 7. 

-Introduction to plug Growfx.

-Testing of various additions to 3d max.


Gif animation for the mobile version of the site.

3D tour of the home, with the ability to look into every room.


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Modeling, texturing, setting up a studio + implementation of the rotation section of the fence on the site that can be viewed on all axes and select the color section.


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